WInnForum CBSD Certification Program

In order to be FCC certified to operate in the CBRS Band, an equipment manufacturer will need to show that their CBSD can communicate with a Spectrum Access System and follow its directives as per Part 96. The CBRS ecosystem has developed standards in the WInnForum supporting SAS to CBSD communication (WINNF-TS-0016
Version 1.2.1). In addition, the WInnForum CBRS Test and Certification Task Group has developed a test specification (WINNF-TS-0122-V1.0.0) and is finalizing a test harness supporting that standard. Successful completion of the defined tests will provide evidence of Part 96 compliance in this area.

WInnForum is facilitating CBSD certification testing, as requested by its members, for all organizations, both member and non-member, against this test specification by accrediting FCC approved test labs to run the WInnForum CBSD tests

Projected First Wave Certification Timeline:

  • Training of first wave Test Labs on WInnForum Test Specification and Test Harness will begin in early February
    • Training will be required to get accredited to perform WInnForum CBSD Testing
  • Follow on Workshop will be held on how to get accredited: Date TBD
  • First wave of Test Labs will need to submit WInnForum Authentication Application: ~ March 9, 2018
  • WInnForum Certification Database soft launched: ~ March 30, 2018
    • Test Labs and Staff added to database
  • Test Labs receive and test first wave products: ~ April 30, 2018
  • Need to submit Test Lab Packet to OET for approval: by May 30, 2018

To get your equipment certified in the first wave, then you MUST get your test lab accredited to run the WInnForum protocol testing

  • Contact Lee Pucker to get your test lab on the invite list.

Supporting Specifications:


WInnForum Approved CBSD Test Labs

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